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Crystal Magick


Crystals are a great tool for balancing the chakra, healing the mind and body, and therefore are full of magick. In my shop I create electroformed copper jewelry and each piece is unique. I hand pick the crystals and find the ones that call to me. These crystals are all cleansed, charged and blessed by myself. You will also receive a hand died silk strand necklace to wear a pendant. I price my jewelry on variables such as the rarity of the crystal or stone, the size and also the detail on the piece plus the time and care I put into each of them.

If you see a crystal that grabs your attention more than others it is calling to you.

Copper is strong but it is not steel or iron. Do not put pressure on the copper or crystal. It can break with poor care. Copper will patina over time naturally. Keep it polished and dry to help prevent that.  Each crystal varies in strength. Some stones/crystals are softer than others and therefore you should be aware of your crystal and don’t let it knock around and hit other hard objects. Continue to cleanse and charge your crystal to keep its vibrations and positive energy strong. 


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